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   The Ghost Among Us

     ISBN- 978-0-9962153-2-9  Kindle

     ISBN- 978-0-9962153-3-6  Paperback



     The ghost of Victoria enjoys her freedom from the house where she             had been comfined. But she wants more... she wants more friends               besides Dem with whom she shares a room and who helped release

     her from the house. Now she wants to interact with people and be

     part of the many activities she missed out on during her own                       childhood.


     Dem wants to help Victoria, but is worried that Victoria will scare               everyone she meets. Will Dem help Victoria again? Will Victoria be             able to understand and interact with people who live in a more                   modern world than she knew more than 100 years ago?



ISBN- 978-0-9962153-0-5 Kindle

ISBN- 978-0-9962153-1-2 Paperback


Eleven year old Dem Connor never believed in ghosts. That was until her family moved from Boston to a creepy old house in a little New Hampshire town where Dem realized that she was not the only occupant in her bedroom. The ghost of Victoria Pratt, the original occupant who died in that room, still lives there, too.

Dem finds a peaceful place at the gazebo on their property. But it is dilapidated and needs as much repair as the house. In her efforts to fix up the gazebo, she discovers a hidden diary written by Victoria in 1895 and realizes that Victoria has a secret.

No one in her family believes in ghosts, so Dem tries to deal with the ghost herself.

She begins to communicate with the ghost and attempts to discover the secret. But Dem finds that Victoria wants something from her. Will Dem figure out what it is and be able to do what Victoria wants?



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